Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to find the right handyman

A handyman can do a number of repairs, upgrades and provide services that are not big enough for a larger contractor. Finding the right handyman can be a trying task – you need someone who is well qualified so you don’t end up with larger problems than you started with.
Before you call anyone:
  1. Walk through your home and make a detailed list of what you need done.
  2. Decide if you want everything done at once or if you are doing to split the tasks into phases.
  3. Prioritize what you need done first.
Meet with the Candidates:
  • Choose at least 3 potential handymen to meet with.
  • Ask for references and examples of prior jobs (and check the references).
  • Ask direct questions about each handyman’s experience and ability. How long has he been in business, what jobs does he do best, etc.
  • Walk through your home and point out specific requirements.
  • Talk about rates – are the charges going to be hourly or rates per job? Is there a minimum charge? For a small job,many handymen do charge by an hour and usually have a minimum charge. The charge may not be indicative of skill level – in many instances, pricing is based on what the market will bear and what competition’s rates are.
  • Ask about estimates and get them in writing. Stay away from accepting “ballpark” price – that is asking for trouble.
  • Discuss the estimate with the handyman and there is nothing wrong to give budget limits upfront. Creating an honest exchange of information is a good start to your relationship.
  • Check that the handyman you are thinking of hiring has liability insurance – that is not an unreasonable request. Even if you are thinking that you are just having a small job done, remember that small jobs can lead to a big disaster!
  • Check with your local state licensing agency, Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce to see if there have been any complaints against the handyman you are thinking of hiring.
There are a number of tax credits and home improvement rebates available to you – find out if the handyman you are thinking of hiring is aware of benefits that you may qualify for.To be sure that you’re dealing with a handyman who understands energy efficiency issues, how the house works as a system, and combustion safety, hire a RESNET Qualified ENERGYSMART handyman.

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  1. Handyman makes your work easy and solves your problems. But the most important question is how to find a handyman who is perfect in his work. Your tips are quite helpful and useful when searching a handyman. A good handyman can make your work and else spoil your work.